Gunja Agrawal

Engineer at Amazon Web Services, EC2 Team

Engineer at Amazon Web Services, EC2 Team

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AWS AWS Application Discovery Service

Founding team member for AWS Application Discovery Service


Description: AWS Application Discovery Service helps Systems Integrators quickly and reliably plan application migration projects by automatically identifying applications running in on-premises data centers, their associated dependencies, and their performance profile. Planning data center migrations can involve thousands of workloads that are often deeply interdependent. Application discovery and dependency mapping are important early first steps in the migration process, but difficult to perform at scale due to the lack of automated tools. AWS Application Discovery Service automatically collects configuration and usage data from servers, storage and networking equipment to develop a list of applications, how they perform, and how they are interdependent.

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TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 MetroMail

Won TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 Hackathon - Microsoft track

Project: MetroMail

Description: MetroMail extracts out all the attachments from the email inbox and creates a nice gallery out of it (for images and any multimedia), it sorts all the documents and layouts it with nice preview for easy access, it identifies important documents like bills / invoices and lets you make the payments from within the inbox! It just makes the life easy!

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Dreamforce 2014

API showcase included in Twitter's official Open source page

I had the pleasure to attend recently conducted #langhack at Twitter HQ in San Francisco (organized by Wikipedia and Twitter). There Twitter announced that they are open sourcing their Korean tokenizer! I thought it would be a fun project to create an API and interface to wrap around it for everyone to try it out, and so did the kind folks at Twitter; and hence I am super excited that they included it in their open source offering. Check it out here:

Deploy Apache Spark cluster on any cloud in minutes using ElasticBox

ElasticBox is a very exciting technology which makes the task of deploying most complex applications on any cloud a few minutes task! It enables you to regain control over your cloud account and infrastructure and at the same time makes your deployment process seemlessly easy and cloud vendor lock-free. I had the pleasure to meet with nice folks of ElasticBox at DevOps Summit 2014, and with some suggestions and discussion I created Apache Spark "boxes" on ElasticBox that makes Apache Spark cluster installation a breeze. Check out the full tutorial of how to install Apache Spark on any public cloud:

At&T Enterprise Service Marketplace

Won AT&T Mobile App 2015 Hackathon

Project: "Speech Empowerment"

Description: Speech impaired people communicate via gestures, but not everyone understands those gestures - which is frustrating. We built an app that understands sign language gestures via Myo Armband and converts it into spoken speech on the fly using AT&T SDK. While the app was fully functional, a very few sign language gestures were included, future scope includes expanding the library

Technology Overview:

  • Myo Armband SDK, AT&T Speech SDK
  • Android, Apache Tomcat, Java JSP, Twilio API

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Dreamforce 2014 Enterprise Service Marketplace

Won Salesforce 2014 Hackathon Microsoft Track

Project: "Enterprise Service Marketplace"

Description: In today's world, various enterprise service providers (such as Sales, Legal, HR firms) cater to mostly big businesses. Whereas small businesses which account for 60-70% of US's total employment and several billion dollars in spendings on sales, etc. do not have access to best offerings of such firms. So, this project targets at that gap and tries to build an "Enterprise Service Marketplace" where small / local businesses can post requirements (cutting down on formal processes that involves painful RFPs, etc) and service providers can post bids / submit contract proposals.
To help businesses identify best providers, we also address the challenge of broken traditional 'ratings' system (which can be 'gamed' easily) by introducing an intelligent social rater which hooks up on social signals and rates the providers. To start with, we integrated with Twitter to determine which provider has most relevance to the requirements of the business (quick algo to do that: requirements -> determine hashtags -> find most popular tweets -> find their original author -> determine if that author follows / is-related-to / endorses / is-in-circle-of the provider -> if so boost rating of provider)

Technology Overview:

  • Java/Tomcat web-application hosted on Heroku
  • Apache Cordova mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows.
    [Specifically used Visual Studio with Apache Cordova plugin - as a part of Microsoft pre-requisite for the challenge.
    Quicknote: Do try Apache Cordova on Visual Studio. They work sleekly together and are amazingly powerful]
Microsoft will feature this on their official blog

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Intuit Quickbooks Online App: Insight Centrals

[Presented at Quickbooks Connect 2014]

Description: Intuit Quickbooks Online is a powerful platform with a very vibrant eco-system of apps (for CRMs, HR, Time-management, Taxes, etc.) which have been built by Intuit and various third party companies, developers. However, these apps are disconnected in their interface and functionality with each other, and that creates a huge pain and time drain for SMBs to review all of them separately in-silo regularly to have an insight into their business activities. To address this we are building an "Insights Central" - which hooks up with all the major apps on Quickbooks platform that expose an API (as well as Quickbooks Online app as well) to give a real time timeline like view of the business, along with an ability to setup alarms for any critical updates from any of the app. We also thought of the extensibility and so with the get-go we already have an API which other apps can use to publish and read updates and alerts without much fuss

Technology Overview:

  • Built on the top of Quickbooks Online platform
  • Java/Tomcat web-application hosted on AWS (with scalability in mind ELB -> ASG -> Instance AMIs)
  • Makes use of Twilio API for calling, Twitter API for social signals, HP IDOL OnDemand for sentiment analysis
  • Integrates with Concur, MethodCRM, etc APIs to read for updates and alerts
  • Native Android app for timeline, notifications and alert
  • RESTful APIs for third party integration

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Techcrunch Calamity Insta Alert

Won TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 Hackathon Twitter Track

Project: "Calamity Inta Alert" system

Description: During the recent earthquake that hit the bay area - all of our friends were sleeping sound and it was tough to call them one by one. Also, we realized that the Twitter was abuzz with earthquake related tweets. So, this inspired us to build something that can make simultaneous / parallel calls to all our loved ones in the case of any natural calamity (instead of one by one) - and even if we don't detect it soon enough (system would detect it based on power of data). This can be extremely useful in saving lives in the case of earthquake aftershock, flood, tornadoes and much more. At the hackathon, after a discussion with Esri and WeatherGround we also added natural calamity 'trigger' optimizations! Such as in case of wild fire, we can use wind speed and direction to determine people that are still distant to the fire but totally in the way of it. The possibilities of this project are endless and so is the scope of saving who we love!

Technology Overview:

  • Java/Tomcat web-application hosted on AWS (basic EC2 behind ELB for Hackathon, scalability to be tackled in post-hackathon development)
  • Makes use of Twilio API for calling, Twitter API for social analytics, Weather Underground API for integrating with weather data and ESRI API for geo computations
  • Native iOS app for basic settings, triggering custom alerts
Inspired by the feedbacks and life saving potentials, we have taken this up for further refining and development

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